Срочно нужно сочинение на Англ.яз Моя Первая школа для 4-5 класса


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My first school - the two-storeyed building. Pupils of elementary school study on the first floor. At school there is a small sports hall. All classes of school are easy and spacious. There is a physics and chemistry laboratories where do experiments. In the room information scientists are new computers. Teachers who work to school, are very good. Each of them teaches well, and their lessons are quite interesting. I liked my first school!

My first school, she was full of knowledge and surprises, I was immediately on the first day he met with the boys and girls. I found just as much to do with my teachers, I'm on 4 and 5 and it's fun, fun to know and follow the steps of knowledge is very good that's why I love school, it's not all I like a lot of things in school like to play with friends at recess or love our dining there fed very wholesome food. I love school