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I was reading when she rushed in.
He is watching when I came.
I was drawing a card when he slapped me.
She was cutting a tomato when i scared her.
They was sleeaping when clock alarmed.
Were you going when i wasn't at home?
What were you doing when house was burning.
Earlier this week I wasn't working.
This morning at 10 o'clock they were pleasing under the tropic sun.
Where were you going when i called you?
At 8 o'clock I was listening your tommorow's speach.
Can you believe that at 2 p.m. i was sleaping?
I was walking around when it started.
I was going to beach when the rain began.
Were you sitting down here or up there?
I was tring to protect her. But i screwed up.
When i went downstairs what were they singing?
I was tring to o my homework while songs played.
Who was driling the wall when i slept?
I gave you a postcard when you were drinking a morning cup of tea.