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T.: Good morning! I’m glad to see you! How are you?P.: Good morning! We are fine. And you?T.: I’m fine. Today we have guests on our lesson. Let’s greet them!P.: Good morning! You are welcome!T.: Today we’ll talk about politicians. What kind of men must they be? Must a politician be kind? It’s the theme of our lesson.T.:But at first let’s repeat all personality traits we have studied. Try to guess them.Учащиеся по очереди описывают различные черты характера, а другие отгадывают.P1: Please name the ability to see or describe a future event in advance as a result of knowledge. (predictability)P2: Please name a feeling that you are attractiveAnd you can do things successfully. (self – confidence)P3: Name the ability to live through difficult conditions. (toughness)P4: Please give the other name of great care. (cautiosness)P5: Please name the ability to move quickly from place to place. (mobility)P6: Please name the ability to use one’s power of action and judgement without depending on others. (self – reliance)P7: Please name the ability to wait something for a long time. (patience)P8: Please name the willingness to do what someone tells you to do even it is unpleasant. (submission)T.: Very good. Now you’ve got lists of other personal characteristics. Please look through this list and choose one to describe a politician.На доске учащиеся закрепляют таблички с описанием характера политика и объясняют свой выбор.A politician must be…..P1: I think the politician must be eloquent because he must be a good speaker.P2: On my mind politician must be courageous because there are many difficulties in policy.P3: The politician must be patriotic he must love our country.P4: In my opinion the politician must be patient because he could wait success for a long time.P5: I think the politician must be kind he must love people.P6: The politician must be sly because it’s hard to be successful without slyness.P7: On my mind the politician must be self – reliant because he must act without depending on others.После высказывания каждого учащегося учитель спрашивает слушателей об их точке зрения, согласны ли они с выступающими или нет.T.: Do you agree with him/ her? How do you think she/he is right?Possible answers:I agreharacterize him?P.: His name is Vladimir Vladimirovich. His surname is Putin. He is the President of The Russian Federation. He is self – reliant, courageous, honest, disciplined, patriotic, sly, loyal.2 М. Ш. Шаймиев Vasil Maksutovich. His surname is Salikhov. He is the principle of our school. He is gifted, risky, hard – working, sociable, courageous.T.: Good job! Do you know what political