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Ancient Egypt : Mysteries and discoveries( Czechoslovak Institute of Egyptology : 30 years of activity in Egypt ) Appearance ancient Egyptian civilization Second half IVtys . don.e. - stolzhe striking fact , as Isamu eesuschestvovanie naprotjazhenii spolovinoy three millennia. Identifying kakobschih so damn ispetsificheskih eerazvitiya is important and judging daily activities , very long-term task - specific discipline of Egyptology related sizucheniem iego history of ancient Egypt 's cultural heritage. As is well known , the beginning of Egyptology kaknauki was laid Jean- deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics F.Shampolonom v1822g . Chtokasaetsya Czech Egyptology toeeistoki lie vovremenah nestol otnas remote, though special mention - chtohotelosby - stanovlenieee nebilo associated with making colonial interests , rather the opposite - a consequence of the progressive traditions of our society. First Czech Egyptologist In mid XIX century. was YanKminek Saddle . Onrodilsya vPlzene ( Pilzene ), studied vPrage ; zauchastie inpolitical events vPrage v1848g . bylvyslan izhil vital. It is here vuniversitete Bologna ieemuzee onnachal his studies in Egyptology . Odnakoistinnym founder of Czech Egyptology at the beginning of this century became Frantisek Lex. Buduchiuchitelem physics imatematiki vklassicheskoy school, became interested in Egyptian history onnastolko ipismennostyu , Egyptology chtovkonechnom eventually become a thing of the whole egozhizni . Vperiod preceding World War I, Lex continued to study Egyptology , Taking famous Egyptologists vuniversitetah iStrasburga Berlin . Nouzhe v1919g . after the formation of an independent Czechoslovakia onnachal course of lectures nafilosofskom Faculty of Charles University . Etipervye Czech lectures poegiptologii soon gained wide recognition educated part of society . Students came iiz - abroad because vperiod interwar Lex gained worldwide recognition in an area of ​​ancient Egyptian religion kakspetsialist idemotiki - late phase of the ancient Egyptian language.