Напишите пожалуйста маленький рассказ на тему New Year (Новый год)
10-15 Предложений))завтра сдать надо))


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Especially children are waiting for the New Year, because Santa Claus is to bring them a lot of gifts. And as you want to see a real Santa Claus, as he puts at night presents under the tree.
New Year is not only the most fun holiday, but also the most delicious. How many different dishes is on the table!
Looking waiting midnight, when they start to beat the chimes. In those few seconds people holding their breath, begin to think fondest wish. It is important to believe that it will surely come.
And hit chimes, at this moment off from millions of bottles stoppers.
New Year is a festival that brings people together, it gives faith in something new and interesting light. Behind, remains poor, old and unnecessary. In the new year to carry only the lightest feeling good intentions, as much depends on us, what will be the coming new year and that it will bring us.
My  favourite holiday is New Year. It is very magic day .You looking forward to it. On New Year you dekorate fir. You is on holiday.  You can skiing . You can skate .Your friends give you present . I like New Year. Happy New Year!