A)choose the right variant
1.could you tell me what impact...(do cars have on the environment/cars have on the environment)?
2.please,explain how...(technology has changed the world/has technology changed the world).
3.i don't know when...(computers Were invented/were computers invented).
4.have you any idea why...(some people are crazy/are some people crazy)about new gadgets.
5. I wonder...(if/that)computers will live far into the 21st century.
6.please tell me what new gadget...(do you fell like/you feel like)buying.
7.do you happen to know by whom...(the first space rocket was constructed/was the first space rocket constructed)?


Ответы и объяснения

1. Cars have on the environment; 2. Technology has changed the world; 3. Computers were invented; 4. Some people are crazy; 5. If 6. You feel like; 7. The first space rocket was constructed.