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Policeman: Did you call the police, Mrs Larkin?
Mrs Larkin: Oh, yes! I must tell you all about it. A horrible thing happened.
Policeman: Tell us everything!
Mrs Larkin: Of course. At five o'clock I was making tea for my husband. He likes his tea very hot...
Policeman: Could you stick to the point, Mrs Larkin?
Larkin: Oh yes, I was making tea when I heard a strange noise in
my neighbours' house. The MacWizard family live there, but they are on
holiday at the moment.
Policeman: And what happened then?
Larkin: Everything was quiet for a while. Then I went to the garden 1
was cuttin§ тУ roses when I heard the strange noise again
Policeman: Sorry, but we are really pressed for time!
Larkin: To cut a long story short, I went to their house and looked
into the room through the window. There was a robber in the room He was
looking for something. He was trying to open a big box when he saw me. I
was standing next to the window when the robber ran out of the house.I
went home and phoned you!


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This dialog is happening between policeman and crime's witness Mrs Larkin. She saw a robber in a neighbor's house so she has to give witnesses and talk about everything she saw. But she started talking about trivial and unimportant things which are not interested to policeman. Policeman asks Mrs Larkin to describe a robber. Finally, Mrs Larkin tell to Policeman that she saw robber trying to open a big box.