Употребите одну из форм Indefinite или Continuous.

Our team (to lose) the game yesterday.

He usually (to work) hard before the exams.

They (to play) football now.

Tomorrow at this time I (to go) to Moscow by train.

The man who (to read) a newspaper is a well-known actor.

He (to leave) school 10 years ago.

When he (to enter) they (to discuss) important question.

Next summer we (to have) practice at the plant.

Students usually (to pass) exams successfully.

- What you (to do) here? – I (to wait) for a friend.


Ответы и объяснения

Our team losed
are playing
will be going
is reading
entered, they were discussing
will have
What are you doing here? I am waiting for a friend.