вопросов каких-то конкретных?или без разницы?
помогите с заданием молю! http://znanija.com/task/4365414

Ответы и объяснения

1.How long you have been learning Spanish?
2.Would you loke a cup of coffee?
3.Don't you love him anymore?
4.Where have you been for so long?
5.How old is your mother?
6.Will you be able to help me tomorrow?
7.Do you want to talk about it?
8.Could they find the key?
Have you got a father? How are you? Do you go to bed at half past eleven? Do you go to school? What time is it now? What do you do? Are you ok? Have you ever go to New York? Where is it? Have you eaten sushi yet? What is your name?