Ответы и объяснения

1) Jill reads a newspaper every day.
2) I don't like football very much.
3) I lost my watch last week.
4) Tom read a letter slowly
5) Do you know London very well?
6) We ate the dinner very quickly.
7) Did you buy that jacket in England?
8) I don't speak French very well.
9) They crossed the street carefully.
10) I barrowed 50 from my brother.
11) Ann passed the exam easily.
12) Did you watch the news on TV?
13) George walks to work every morning.
14) Are you going to work tomorrow.
15) They have lived here since 1984.
16) Will you be at home this evening?
17) They are going to London next week.
18) Did you go to the cinema last night.
19) Will they be here on Monday.
20) I had breakfast at bed this morning.
21) Barbara is going to university in October.
22) My parents have been to the United States many times.
23) This morning I saw a beautiful bird in the garden.