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(Suddenly) Matroskin shouted at Sharik

The weather was (stormy) and (cloudy)

There were (two) big armchairs in the room

He (watched TV) yesterday evening.

They learned (a new song) last week .

My grandma had beautiful flowers (in her garden)


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When did Matroskin shout at Sharik ?

 What was  the   weather that day? ----stormy and (cloudy)


How many armchairs were there in the room ?---(two) 


What did he do yesterday evening ? ------(watched TV)



What did they  learn last week? -------(a new song)


Where did my grandma have beautiful flowers? ------- (in her garden)


When did Matroskin shout at Sharik?

What was the weather?

 How many big armchairs were in the room? 

What did he do yesterday evening? 

What did they learn last week? 

Where did your grandmother have beautiful flowers?