Сочинение по английскому ( по плану)
Para 1:
Who were the main characters?
Where were they?
What were they doing?
Main body
Paras 2-3:
What happened? (events in the order they happened)
What was the climax event?
Para 4:
What happened in the end?
How did the characters react/feel?


Ответы и объяснения

Есть какие-то пожелания насчет рассказа/книги/фильма, о котором пойдет речь? Или я сама смогу написать, указав книгу/фильм и автора? с:
Тогда за плюсую и дам дополнительные 38
From that moment Charlie starts to write letters to that guy about his feelings and thoughts. Once he meets two best friends, Sam and Patrick, in a football game. Later Charlie knows, that Sam is Patrick's sister. That night they were riding a car for a very long time, where they heard a 'Tunnel song'. Charlie falls in love with Sam. They spend Christmas together, but then Sam tells Charlie that she had a really horrible childhood. Charlie helps Sam to go to Pensylvania State University.
But before let Sam go away, he kissed her. In the end of the film they were riding a can at the same tunnel, listening to the same song and saying 'We are infinite'.
Это все ? И ты раздела текст ?
Так, этот момент поподробнее. Что не устраивает?