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Past Tenses

Simple Past, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, or Past Perfect Continuous? Choose the right answer.

1. It _____ me two hours to get to the airport.

took ,was taking, had taken, had been taking

2. Their car was stolen while they _______ lunch at a cafe.

Ate were eating had eaten had been eating

3. My grandmother_______fairy tales to me when I was a child.

read was reading had read had been reading

4. When he lived in Mexico, he _____ in a bank.

worked was working had worked had been working

5. He _____ for his bus at the bus stop when the robbers attacked him.

waited was waiting had waited had been waiting

6. She____ all the letters by the time her boss asked her to type them again.

sent was sending had sent

7. Until last night, she _____ him about it.

never asked was never asking had never asked

8. He_____ for twenty years when he finally quit smoking.

smoked was smoking had been smoking

9. Yesterday I went to an interesting museum that I _____ before.

didn't visit wasn't visiting hadn't visited

10. By the time we arrived, she _____ for us at the train station for three hours.

waited was waiting had been waiting


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1 took
2 were eating
3was reading
4 worked
5was waiting
6 had sent
7had never asked
8 had been smoking
9 hadnt visited
10had been waiting