1. Where is Tom? — He is in the canteen. He.......
a) has b) is having c) has had
2. We ... our project yet. We need two days.
a) don't fmish b) didn't finish c) haven't finished
3. The school has very good sports facUities, ... it?
a) doesn't b) didn't c) haven't
4. ... you ...the poem by heart? — Not yet.
a)Do...learn b) Are ... learning c) Have ... learnt
5. Kate ... French and Spanish at school. She is going to be an interpreter.
a) studies b) has studied c) studied
6. Last week we ... a very difficult Maths test. Unfortunately, most of the students got low marks.
a) took b) have taken c) take


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1. b) is having
2. c) haven't finished 
3.  a) doesn't
4. c) Have ... learnt
5. a) studies
6. a) took