8. Our House/flat.
Our ___________ is __________ .
There are _____ rooms in it. We have got _______________________
_________________________________________________________ .
My ______ likes spending time in _______________________________ .
________ likes ________ best because__________________________ .
Here is my favourite room. It is __________________________________ .
I like it because ______________________________________________ .
There are ______________________________________ in this room.
I like this room a lot.
Нужно заполнить пробелы.


Ответы и объяснения

Our flat isn't very large.There are three rooms in it.  We have got a living room, a bedroom and a room of mine (или my room).My family likes spending time in the living room (или sitting room)My father likes the living room best because there are a sofa and a big TV-set  there.Here is my favourite  room. It is light and big.I like it because it's my own place in our flat.There are a sofa, a table with a computer, two chairs and a small TV-set in this room.I like this room a lot.
1)house 2) ) very big 3) many 4) bedroom , kitchen , living room 5) mother 6) our house 7) father 8) the 9) he likes the natural 10) my bedroom 11) I like to sleep and play wirg my friends there.