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The nature is in spring and in own way beautiful. After the long winter dream sees you sleepy, it is a little Unsafe. But from day to day begins the nature, the strength to type. The warm rays of the sun say that the time of the spring, the Winter here is no longer the mistress has come. From day to day, the snow is always less, he tried, in the shade of the trees to hide, but, however, penetrates, and the sun is there.

Everywhere the sonorous Murmur of the brook heard, just to tell you that the long-awaited spring has finally come. In the forest you can already funny щебет the birds can hear. To begin, the first snowdrops, the Symbol of spring to appear. This small, fragile flowers to wear in the unusual power. They cover as the snow, the white carpet wood glades.

To begin, the leaves on the trees to be released, it appears the green Grass. In the spring is the herb also fresh and young, the first leaves on the trees, shining like the emeralds, so bright.

The water in the rivers, the lakes, especially pure. The azure blue sky, and the birds of passage reflected with pleasure to return to their homeland. As you according to your desire have passed, how to get bored! All is happy about the spring. There is no more gray skies and cold. Only the warmth of the sun and the blue sky. The spring has come, and has the new life brought.