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Упражнение 356 1. Tom's mother said that that was enough. She said that Tom would never go there again and added that she would see to it. 2. Grandmother asked who would read the next story and added that it was very ' interesting and that she was sure we all should like it. 3. Lena asked her friend if he would come and see her I on Friday. Her friend agreed and added that he thought i he would be free on Friday. 4. He asked me whether I • should need the book for a long time and added that he j could give it to me only for a few days. 5. Mary said ; that soon she would know the whole poem perfectly and added that she had already learnt more than half of it. 6. John asked me if I should be able to find their house without him and added that I had never been to those parts. 7. She begged me not to ask her any more questions. She added that she was very tired and promised to answer all my questions the next day. 8. He told me that he would finish reading the book by Monday and added that I could have it then. 9. Lena said that she had not seen him since the year before and added that she thought he had grown. She suggested going and seeing him the next day. I agreed and added that it would be interesting to see him and talk to him. 10.1 asked my friend if he thought it was really correct and added that I was afraid he had made a mistake in one or two words.

Упражнение 364 Michael and Bill were friends. Michael asked Bill, to show him around a bit. He added that he had only come there two days before and had not been anywhere as yet. Bill answered that he would do it with pleasure. He suggested going at once. And he also suggested' inviting Alice to come with them. He added that Alice knew a lot about the places of interest there. Michael' said that it was a good idea. Then Bill asked Alice if she could come with them. He told her that they were going for a walk and that he wanted to show Michael some places of interest. Alice refused to go with the boys. She said that she was sorry, but her mother had - told her to do the shopping and she had forgotten about it. She added that she would have to do it now. She told the boys to go without her and promised to go with them some other time. Bill said that it was a pity, j and he and Michael went alone.  i
Грамматика. Сборник упражнений. 7 издание. Ю. Голицинский автор.
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