Сделайте пожалусто 8 предложений на present simple , 8 Ha continuous simple и 4 на perfect simple


Ответы и объяснения

Present Simple.
1. We go to school every day.
2. I cook my breakfast every morning.
3. Sometimes it rains here in summer.
4. They usually swim in the river.
5. A lot of crocodiles live in the rivers of Australia.
6. My mum never plays computer games.
7. My pet rabbit Martin likes to eat carrot and apples.
8. Our English teacher often gives us good marks.

Present Continuous (Continuous Simple не существует в принципе).
1. We are going to school now.
2. I am cooking my breakfast now.
3. It is raining the whole day.
4. Listen! Somebody is crying!
5. At the moment the boys are swimming in the river.
6. Don't phone me now, I am doing my homework.
7. My rabbit Martin is eating a carrot now.
8. They are doing a Maths test now.

Present Perfect (Perfect Simple не существует в принципе).
1. I have already had my breakfast.
2. The boys have just swum in the river.
3. He has never been to London.
4. The students haven't done the test yet.