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Explain why they feel so. Use the phrases in the present perfect. The first one is done for you.
1) Oliver feels upset. (to have an argument with somebody's best friend)
2) Martin feels thirsty. (not to have anything to drink since morning)
3) Jim feels hungry. (not to have anything to eat since yesterday)
4) Sally is surprised. (to get a present from Santa Clause)
5) Robert feels sure about his test. (to prepare for a test very well)
6) Sandy is fed up with sharing the room with her younger brother. (to damage all the books, tapes, and posters)
7) Karen feels tired. (to water all vegetables and fruit trees in the garden)

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Тут написано, что The first one is done for you, но я не вижу, чтобы оно было уже решено...

1) Oliver has an argument with his best friend
2) Martin hasn't drunk anything since morning
3) Jim hasn't eat anything since yesterday
4) Sally has got a present from Santa Clause
5) Robert has prepared for a test very well
6) Sandy's younger brother has damaged all the books, tapes, and posters
7) Karen has watered all vegetables and fruit trees in the garden