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Look at the information again. Now write a paragraph about this animal. Give a reason why you (dont) like it.
The Arabian Camel.
The Arabian Camel is an animal of North Africa and the Moddle East.It is brown with short fur and long,thin legs.It has a large body and a long neck.It is got a hump on its back with fat in it.It lives in dry places like deserts and can go three weeks withhout water. It carries people on its back for miles. The camel is a friendly animal.


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Some people don't like camels but I do. I think that this animal has rather unusual appearance, but if you just look into its eyes, you will love it at once. Camel's eyes are very big, sad and very kind. In severe desert climate camel is one of the best friend to a man. Camels carry people and their things on a long distance. People take camels' wool and make warm clothes. People can also use camels' milk and meat. In short, camel is a very useful animal. That's why I like it.