Read the story and finish the sentences.
One morning several children were late for school and the teacher asked each of them the reason.
"Why were you late, Kate?" - "Our alarm didnˇt go off."
"Now, Peter, stop fidgeting, will you! Why didnˇt you come in time?" - "I couldnˇt find my books".
"What about you, John?" - "I felt dizzy, sir".
"But you, Ann?" Ann started crying.
"Why are you crying?" - "The others have said everything. So I donˇt know what I can say".
Сделайте косвенную речь:
1 The teacher asked Kate......
2 Kate answered that......
3 Then the teacher......
4 He asked him......
5 Peter told him that......
6 John complained that......
7 The teacher wanted to know......
8 Ann was sobbing but managed to say that......


Ответы и объяснения

The teacher asked Kate the reason.
Kate answered that her alarm didn`t go off.
Then the teacher asked Peter.
She asked him the reason.
Peter told him that he couldn`t his books.
John complained that he felt dizzy.
The teacher wanted to know the Ann`s reason.
Ann was sobbing but managed to say that she don`t know what her can say.