Напишите 5 предложений о том какую школу вы предпочитаете,где только мальчики или только девочки,либо смешанную и почему? Напишите 3 предложеения о школьной форме какой бы вы хотели её видеть,или какую предпочитаете,какой она должна быть ТОЛЬКО БЕЗ ПЕРЕВОДЧИКА!!!


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I'd rather want to study in mixed school. As for me it's better for children to attend school together cos (because) whle stidying they also lern how to comunicate to each other. School isn't just larning subjects but a school of life, and there should be conditions same as in out of school. Unfortunately lots of people think that children must only to study at school without distracting on such things like relation.


What about school uniform I can hardly say something about it. As for me our present uniform is good enough and doesn't need some serios changes. New types of school uniform is desiners work.