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Friendship is like the sun , " released by each droplet, more precisely, in all fairness , more precisely, by as much as you can take " (V. Solouhin ) .

In all ages and times poets sing holy brotherhood close shower, sacred bond of friendship. Friendship - a great gift to man , the symbol of eternal harmony.

In the name of friendship - so in the name of God on earth. First my friends - my classmates . When I grow up and become a great and an adult, I will always remember my school friends and always smile and cry. Only once in life you can experience what we begin to understand to be able to start , begin to live . And the beginning - this is youth , this " school years wonderful ." Only then , in old age, I can truly appreciate my school friends .

And now .. . We are all so different , we all are not yet able to present , large and deep feeling. We often can not , and sometimes do not want to understand each other , quarrel . We all seem big and serious , weighty causes quarrels , and yet all this will pass away like smoke, and remain cherished memories.

I had a lot of friends , no enemies , and hopefully will not just have people who have lost a friend to me the price , and thus died in my soul.

Strange is man : all the good he takes for granted as a matter of course (I do not want to say that he does not appreciate all the good ), and any pathology met with hostility , it dramatically evident, comes to the fore .

The worst thing is the fact that I have met in my friends - it's insincerity , lies, jealousy and spiritual weakness. I can not be close to chat with people they do not understand I always blamed largely .

My friends at school - it's not just my classmates . My school friends - it is my favorite teacher.

My first teacher .. . The first is not on the account, but by how much she has done for me and how much given . She is so naturally came into my life and completely took my soul. My favorite teacher I can not speak words, do not know how and I'm afraid I can only write about it and I am glad that at least a small slice of my feelings she finds in this essay . This is my only chance to express all that I feel for my spiritual mother. Until the end of my days I will remember you with great appreciation . How beautiful and what a pity that such people are found in life only once!

My friends ! How many were there and how many more will be in life! I want to write about the man who helped me to become its own self , that what I have actually . This " my first friend, my friend priceless ." Why her , I do not know , but I believe it always and everywhere , but she can not trust all their big and little secrets . She always understands and is never afraid to express their opinions. And very often one and the same we judge differently, often do not agree , but it is natural and it must be so .

What a pity that not all his schoolmates can write . They are all very different, I love them all . I love our good 8-A , I'm happy that most of us will not give up and will live together as one big family , three more years in school. My friends who are moving from our school to other schools , I wish only happiness and great achievements in life , I want to never and none of us had sold the old school friendship , do not forget our fun stormy life , our class , but among us no such and can not be .

Ends childhood and school years pass , we become adults , serious people . But none of us will ever forget his school , each in his heart save friends and most precious memories - about school friendship.