Помогите написать текст По агнглийскому языку , на тему news for the youth"


Ответы и объяснения

Environmental pollution, against extermination of all animals, not only rare species. Some young people work in their church organizations: they help elderly people, reconstruct our historical monuments and monasteries. This work brings them closer to our history, teaches them to love their country and respect its past. A lot of young people go in for sports, that is why schools and institutes have sport clubs and teams. Our young people are especially interested in football, basketball, hockey, etc. There also exists a great variety of different clubs in this country. They are: theatre clubs, where young people stage different literary works; clubs “What? Where? When?”, where they can enlarge their knowledge in differentfields of science and life, and so on. Future belongs to the young, that is why the political life of this country is important to them. Many young people are engaged in political parties and organizations such as: “the greens”, the Union of Youth