1. when she ___ she will join you
a) is free b) will be free c) was free
2.they went to Rome ___ last summer
a)in b)on c)-
3.___ often rain in winter
a)is it b)does it c)does
4.I ___ to go to school on Sunday
a)mustn't b)don't have c)can
5.She ___ one of these days
a)will arive b)arrived c)has arrived
6.The girl said she ___ read well
a)can b)can to c)could
7.Elbrus is ___ mountain in the Caucasus
a)high b)highest c)the highest
8.They wondered what he ___ next
a)did b)will do c)would do
9.Are many houses ___ every day
a)build b)being built c)built
10.The child ___ from 5 to 6 yesterday
a)is playing b)played c)was playing


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