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Поставьте предложения в вопросительную и отрицательную форму.
1. People usually have some free time on weekends
2. Some of my friends also teach English
3. There is some snow in the streets
4. The donkey is making some coffee for the dragon
5. There is some soup left
6. I think I need some help
7. The witch has some relatives in England
8. Some people are so annoying!
9. We have some new contracts this year
10. I can get you some bread when I go shopping


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  • Pauel
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1. People usually have no free time on weekends. Do people have free time on weekends?
2. Some of my friends also don't teach English. Do some of my friends teach English?
3. There is no snow in the streets. Is there snow in the street?
4. The donkey is not making some coffee for the dragon. Is donkey making some coffe?
5. There is no soup left. Is there soup left?
6. I think I don't need some help. Do I think that I need some help?
7. The witch has no relatives in England. Does the witch have some relatives in England?
8. Some people are not so annoying! Are some people so annoying?
9. We have no new contracts this year. Do we have new contacts this year?
10. I cannot get you some bread when I go shopping. Can I get you some bread when I go shopping?
видимо я еще не проснулся, исправь The witch has NO relatives in England.
ок) Спасибо еще раз и Доброе утро)))