Срочно надо.сочинение на тему "Why do i like my friend?" зарание спасибо.


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I have got a friend. We have been friends for already seven years since we went to school. My friend's name is Tamara. She is not very tall. Tamara is slim. She has long dark hair, big brown eyes, a small turned up nose and very pleasant smile. She is very kind, especially to animals. She will never pass by if she sees a hurt dog or a cat. At home Tamara has a big cat and two parrots. She cares about them very well. She feeds them, plays, cleans the parrots' cage regularly. I like to spend time with my friend because we have a lot in common. We both do gymnastics, like reading and discussing books, go to the cinema to watch new cartoons. Sometimes we quarrel, but we quickly put up with each other. Tamara is a true friend because she can keep secrets, she always gives a helping hand and I can rely on her any time.