ПОМОГИТЕ СРОЧНО, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА 1. Перепишите данные предложения в пассивном залоге.Example: We can solve the problem. - The problem can be solved.1. People should send their complains to the head office.2. They had to postpone the meeting because of illness.3. An electrical fault could have caused the fair.4. They are to hold next year's congress in San Francisco.5. They shouldn't have played the football match in such bad weather. Example: They didn't offer Ann a job. Ann was not offered a job.6. They don't pay Jim very much.7. They will ask you a lot of questions at the interview.8. Nobody told me that George was ill.9. His colleagues give him a present when he retrieved.10. They didn't ask me my name.


Ответы и объяснения

1 Their (people's) complains should be sent to the head office.2 The meeting  had to be postponed because of illness.3. The fair could have been caused by electrical fault .4. Next year's congress is to be held in San Francisco.5. The football match shouldn't have been played in such bad weather 6.  Jim isn't paid very much.7.  You'll be asked a lot of questions at the interview.8. I wasn't told hat George was ill.9. He was given a present when he retrieved.10. My name wasn't asked ( I was asked no name)