Что выражают will, be going to в каждом предложении? Подчеркните правильное значение.

1) I'll have some cheesecake. (on-the-spot decision / promise) ------------------------------
2)Don't go out! You'll catch a cold. (intention / warning)3)Pamela is going to have a baby in June. (evidence / threat)4)You will meet a very rich and handsome man. (prediction / intention)5)Stop that noise or I'll send you to your room. (on-the-spot decision / threat)6) Mary's going to buy a present for Tom this afternoon. ( intention / promise)7)I'll help you cut the tree tomorrow. (prediction / promise)


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1 on-the-spot decision 2 warning 3 evidence 4  prediction 5 threat 6 intention 7 promise