помогите составить диалог что-то на подобе этого на английском только маленький.... -Hello. What is the matter? -I dont feel well. I ve hurt my leg and i ve broken my arm. -Show me . Where? - Oh , doctor. Dont touch it , please -Yes , mmm, you leg is OK but i am afraid you ve break your arm. You should have an X-ray first. -Thank you, doctor.


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-Hello. What has happened? - I've got a bit of a cough and terrible headache. -Well, show me your throat and let me take your temperature. mmm,your temperature is quite high. -So,what can it be? Is it serious? -I think you have got a cold. Everything will be alright. You should drink plenty of water or orange juice. -Right. -And also you have got to take two tablets three times a day. -Thanks a lot,goodbye


-Hello. What is the matter?

-I am not well. Ihave an awfull headache. besides I have a throatache and a little cough

- I need to examine you. Let me see your throat!


- Oh. it is really very red. I thik you have a terrible ache/ But your lungs are clean

 - Oh , doctor.  What should I do?

- Nothing dangerous! You*ll be well in 5-6 days. You should  take these medicine every day and drink a lot of warm  tea  or milk with honey

 -Thank you, doctor