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My cherished dream is to visit Great Britain someday. At our English lessons we often "travel" throughout this country. There are a lot of wonderful sights there. And I would like to see everything with my own eyes.

And if I had such opportunity , first of all I would go to London to walk along the streets and hear the English speech and, I hope , that I would understand, what the English are speaking about . And, of course, I would try to communicate with them in their native language.

Then I would go to the Buckingham palace to see the real Queen there. I am sure she is as kind as my grandmother! And, of course, I would admire the Changing of the Guard. One day I saw this wonderful show on TV!

After that I would visit the London Tower and feed the ravens. They say, if the ravens fly away, the Tower will ruin?! Is it true?!

And besides I would visit the London parks because as I have read, they are so beautiful.

In Hyde Park, I would visit the Speaker`s corner, where I would say that I am happy to be here and want to make friends with the English.

In Regent`s Park I would visit the London Zoo. I have never visited the big zoos. It would be interesting to look at the animals who live there.

Returning home, I would buy souvenirs to all my relatives and friends. And as for me the trip to Great Britain would be the greatest gift!