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eight floors, in the ninth floor, in the reception-room, in the bathroom, in front of table, behind the armchair, under the bed, nearby with cupboard, in the fridge, in the wall, a famous picture, the garden is in front of house, high-rise building, her writing-table, my bed, your wardrobe, his favorite armchair, our small apartment, white oven.
1. How does look your new apartment? In which floor is it? 2.Is there oven?-Yes, there is. 3. How many rooms  are in your apartment?-There are two. 4. Look. There isn't television in the bedroom. 5. His apartment is in the third floor.-it's fine. 6. Is a carpet in new reception room?-Yes, it's on the floor. 7. It's our beautiful house. Let's come in. 8. Nearby the bedroom is bathroom. Above wash-bowl is little mirror.