нужно к этому тексту задать 5 вопросов на английском языке?
желательно в pr.simple

заранее благодарю=)


Ответы и объяснения


1. What does Madurodam city look like?

2, How can you explain the meaning "tiny city"?

3, Where is Madurodam situated?

4,What has the city got?

5,Are there houses. shops and anything else in the city?

6,Is there a real airport in Madurodam ?

7.Do cars. trains and even ships move there?

8,What can you tell about the countryside?

9.Why are all the Dutch proud of the city?

10. Why do you want to visit the city?


1)What can you see in the Madurodam?

2)How does Madurodam look like?

3)Where is Madurodam situated?

4)Can you admire a Dutch countryside around the city?

5)Has the Madurodam an airport?