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True Magician - переводится как, ИСТИННЫЙ МАГ.
True MAGICIAN  Истинный МАГ 

текст начинается: Once upon a time there iived a King and a Queen.
перевод текста 4 класса на странице 207 True MAGICIAN
у тебя учебник верещагиной?
She opened a small door at the bask of the Tower with the gold key and came in. She liked to spend evenings there. There in the corner of the dark hall a fire always burnt and above it there was a large bell. There was little furniture there. Rosie was never afraid to come to the hall and listen to the sound of the bell.
But the Queen didn’t like it and always described the tower as old and dirty. The Queen didn’t like the fire, the bell or the hall, but she could do nothing about it.
Rosie spent many quiet hours there. When Rosie became 18 it was time for her to have a husband and family. With red-gold hair and sea-green eyes Rosie was the most beautiful girl in the country. We have never seen anyone so beautiful. She has become a real rose, people said. The Queen knew it was not easy to marry her daughter. It so happened that the Queens daughter could marry only a magician. That was the rule. Its the most terrible thing I have ever heard of, said Rosie. One night sitting i