ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА СОСТАВИТЬ ТЕКСТ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ПРО ТО КАК Я ПРОВЕЛА СВОИ ЗИМНИЕ КАНИКУЛЫ ( 9 предложений) ну в этом тексте нужно писать типо как я хорошо провела время например гуляла с друзьями играла наряжала елку праздновала новый год рождество как к нам приходли гости....нужно описавать это но не нужно описавать природу!!!!ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ЗАВТРА УЖЕ СДАВАТЬ А ЕЩЁ НЕ ГОТОВО!!!!!ДАЮ МНОГО БАЛЛОВ!!!ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!!


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I enjoyed my last winter holidays very much. I didn’t go anywhere. But I had a good time staying at home. I had a plenty of time and read many books, magazines, newspapers every day. I also watched TV, listened to the music and went out for a walk. The weather wasn’t fine all the time. And when it was sunny and it did not rain, I could walk for a long time. When it was frosty and there was much snow, I played in the yard, went skating, skiing and tobogganing. I helped my parents about the house. I cleaned our flat, cooked meals and washed up. I went shopping almost every day and saw my friends. So I had a wonderful time.
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