make up Wh- qustions putting the words given below in the correct order. 1.James\now&\Where\is\he\What\doing\there? 3.visiting\What\is\he 4.for\his parents&\has\he\got\what 5.from\where\is James


Ответы и объяснения


Where is James now?

What is he doing there?

What is he visiting?

What has he got for his parents?

Where is James from?



1.Where is James now ?- Где сейчас Джеймс?

 2.What is he doing there?  -Что он сейча делает?

3.What is he visiting? -Что он посещает?

4.What  has  he got for his parents?-Что у него есть для родителей?

5.Where is James from? -Откуда Джеймс?