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Last Monday Angie (1) got up for work as usual and (2) went to the kitchen to have some breakfast. But when she (3) opened the fridge, she (4) found that her flatmate Lucy (5) had drunk all the milk – not a good start for the day! So she (6) had a quick cup of black coffee,(7) got dressed and (8) went out to the car. There she (9) found that she (10) had forgotten to put the cover on the car the night before and there (11) was thick frost all over the windscreen. She (12) scraped it all off and (13) got into the car. However, when she (14) turned the key, nothing (15) happened! Someone(16) had left the headlights on and the battery  (17) had gone flat. She(18) was furious as Lucy (19) had used the car last and it (20) was her who (21) had forgotten to switch off the lights. Angie (22) headed for the bus stop to wait in the freezing cold.