Помогите пожалуйста: раскройте скобки употребляя глаголы в present,past,future indefinite,present,past,future continuous.1 Nina (to celebrate) her birthday yesterday. Her room( to look) beautiful,there (to be) many flowers in it. When i (to come) in, somebody (to play) the piano, two or three pairs (to dance).2 Look at these children! They (to skate) very well. 3 you (to skate) tomorrow? - Yes, i (to skate) from 3 till 5 in the afternoon. 4 He (not to come) last Monday. He (to be busy)? 5 When you (to come) yesterday? 6 Where you (to be) yesterday? - I (to be) at home. - I (to ring) you up at two oclock, but nobody (to answer). - Oh, i ( to be) in the garden, i (to read) a book and (not to hear) the telephone. 7 She (to go) to school every day.

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1. Nina  celebrated her birthday yesterday. Her room looked beautiful, there were many flowers in it. When I came in, somebody was playing the piano, two or three pairs were dancing. 2. They are skating very well. 3. Will you skate tomorrow? - Yes, I will be skating from 3 till 5 in the afternoon. 4. He did not come last Monday. Was he busy? 5. When did you come yesterday? 6. Where were you yesterday? - I was at home. - I rang you up at two oclock, but nobody answered. - Oh, I was in the garden, I was reading a book and did not hear the telephone. .7 She goes to school every day.