Пожалуйста не списывайте с интернета, учитель проверяет все время. Напишите рождественскую историю, на английском языке. Как можно больше текста


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At Christmas I went to my grandmother . Only priezav and going into the house she immediately congratulated me on the occasion and gave me a big chocolate bar . I was very happy chocolate bar , but she told me that you ought to eat cakes and drink milk and then eat chocolate . I ate everything and was very tasty. Then we went with her to visit her girlfriend. There, she told a lot of stories. I did not notice how time passed . It became very dark and we zasobiralis home. And before leaving her friend gave me another chocolate . Generally that day I was given not one , or even two , but several. Then we went home and I went straight to sleep after such interesting stories and colorful dreams I dreamed . In general I loved my grandmother in the village and I am now going to come back often to her.