Complete the text with the following words:
be able, been learning, can, could, do I want, during, for, have learnt, Id like to, I like, I want, learning, me to speak, more accurate, most accurately, read, reading, since, that I speak, to be able, was, went, will work, work.

Learning English
I started learning English when I (1) .... in Secondly School. I didnt find it easy but my teacher advised me to listen to songs and (2) .... books in English at my spare time and that helped me a lot in learning English.
I have (3) ... English for four years and I have been in England now (4) ... six weeks. Since i arrived I (5) ... quite a lot of new words but I still find the English grammar difficult. While Im in England (6)... improve my speaking and learn to be (7).... .
My father, wo works in a hotel, wants (8) ... and write English fluently so that I can help him in his business. But if I (9) .... in the hotel, I wont be able to go to university to study law. When people ask me what (10)... to do, I usually tell them that my dream is to be a lawyer.
Now Im in England and Im enjoying the chance of meeting people from all over the world. Ive made lots of good friends and I hope Oll (11).... to do and and see them in their countries. Sometimes I wish I (12)... speak more languages - but then I think of all the grammsr I would have to learn!


Ответы и объяснения

1) was
2) read
3) been learning
4) for
5) have learnt
8) me to speak
9) work
10) I want
12) could

Там где пробелы, не понял предложения. Возможно была допущена ошибка при написании.