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Russia is the largest country of the world. Ii is situated in the Eastern part of Europe and in the Nothern part of Asia. Its total area is over 17 million square kilometres.
The country is washed by 14 seas of three oceans: the Pacific, the Arctic and the Atlantic. Various types of climate can be found on the vast territory of the country.
There are many plains in Russia., among them the Great Russian Plain and the West Siberian Plain. There are also many mountains . The biggest of which are the Urals, the Caucasus, the Altai.
Tere are many rivers in Russia. The longest of them are the Volga, the Yenissei and the Ob.
Russia is very rich in mineral resources, it has deposits of oil, gas, coal, gold, diamonds and other minerals.
Russia is an industrial and agricultural country, which has a very long and rich history. I'm happy to live in this country!
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