помогите мне пожалуйста
Такс,щас дай подумать.8 марта,о!.The 8 march it is realy fantastic day.You buy gifts
and give your mum .And you mom looks happy.You love your momei s not it?.Your mom love you and you love mom when you give your mum gifts your mom smiling.And you understand To make the pleasant.And your mom and now laught and kiss each other.Могу еще про День Святого Валентина написать,просто что так долго,я волновался),если нужен перевод,то пиши,я тут :)

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My Favourite Holiday
 There are many holidays in our country. They are New Year"s, the Women"s Day, the May Day, the Victory Day. There are national holidays when people all over the country do not work and celebrate the holidays.
Now people celebrate religious holidays, Christmas and Easter. On Christmas people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Easter is in spring, people present each other painted eggs that symbolize life.
The gayest holiday is the New Year. All people like it. This holiday is the most popular with the children. At night Santa Claus comes to the homes and brings presents.On this day there are always very interesting TV programmes, many movies and cartoons. The New Year's is a family holiday, that is why I like it best of all!