Найти в тексте все глаголы в Past Indefinite и дайте их исходную форму.
One day, John Smith and his wife, Mary , who lived in a small cottage in the mountains, found the dog. He was very wild and frightened dog. He was weak and hungry, he was not allowed to touch him , gave him food and he ate it when left alone. Time passed, and when he grew stronger , he again disappeared .A few months later, when Smith was on the train , he saw that his dog runs near the railway line. He got off the train at the next station , bought a piece of meat, caught the dog and brought it back home, and bound him for a week.At the end of the week Smith tied a metal plate on the dog's neck with the words " : Please return " Smith , California "and send a free dog , he disappeared again .Someone sent him back on the express train . Smith tied a dog for three days, but when he was free on the fourth day he disappeared again .As soon as he got freedom , he was always running to the north. He always came hungry and weak and always ran fresh and strong .Finally the dog decided to stay in the country, but it took a lot of time before Smith and his wife were able to touch him . They called him Wolf .


Ответы и объяснения

Lived - to live
found - to find
was - to be
allowed - to allow
gave - to give
ate - to eat
left - to leave
passed - to pass
grew - to grow
disappeared - to disappear
saw - to see
got off - to get off
bought - to buy
caught - to catch
brought back - to bring back
bound - to bind
tied - to tie
sent - to send
came - to come
ran - to run
decided - to decide
took - to take
called - to call

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