Нужно придумать ДВЕ истории на английском языке, ОЧЕНЬ КОРОТКИЕ используя эти слова :
1) (первая история): the top of the hill, a bank of the river, exactly. a glove-maker, a twin.
2) (вторая история): deep, pleased, for a while, to scream at the top of one's voice, to earn the girl's love (завоевать любовь девушки)


Ответы и объяснения

1)It was the top of the hill and suddenly i see a bank of the river . and now i exactly that it was not our loving country . It was a twin of Russia . Morality:a glow marker is as a laxative .
it was a deep night and we with pleased talked about all . suddenly we listen a scream for a while . it was a bear and he did it to scream at the top of one s voice . he did to earn the girls love