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Perhaps it is no secret that the Internet is an integral part of modern life . Probably today will be very hard to find someone who has never used the Internet . Modern children master computer, and with it the Internet , far faster than the periodic table . Today , the internet can do : communicate with your friends , search for new friends, order things , to buy equipment . It should be noted that today, thanks to the internet we can learn world news , weather, read books, listen to music, not attached nor any effortlessly than pressing a few buttons. Today, all universities have their own websites where students can find and download all the lectures , just take online- tests , communicate with teachers via e-mail , which is problematic to meet. The Internet has become an integral part of our lives . The Internet gives us the opportunity to communicate with each other , make new friends , learn, earn , and just killing time with pleasure.
Yes, the Internet has become part of my life . Because on the Internet , I spend a lot of free time. Here I play online games, chat with friends in social networks that are far away from me , including abroad , talking on Skype , I read many interesting articles , reviews about cars, household appliances. On the Internet you can find information about any device , on any technique , different processes , materials. On the Internet I read the news , and watch videos on YouTube and other sites , downloading useful instructions and programs , share photos . In general - the Internet weight goodies ! It's really part of my life .