Напишите 20 предложений на тему hobby можете написать любое хобби если можно больше 20 предл.


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A hobby is a favourite pastime of a person. Hobbies differ like tastes. If you choose a hobby to your liking you can make your life more interesting. 
Numerous hobbies can be subdivided into 4 lage classes: 
--doing things; 
--making things; 
--collecting thengs; 
--learning things. 
1)The most popular is doing things. It includes everything from gardening to traveling, from chess to volleyball. Gardening is one of the oldest man's hobbies, especially in Gr.Britain. 

2)Making things includes drawing, painting, music, designing costumes, handcraft and writing. 

3)Almost everyone collects something at some period in his life: stamps, coins, matchboxes, postcards, toys and what not. Some collections have no reak value. Others become solarge that can be houed in musiems and galleries. 
More children in Great Britain have a hobby.Somebody collect the posters and toys.Others make a dolls houses and aeroplanes.Parents have a hobby.They collect the sport cars.My hobby is cooking.I love eat food and drink the juice,so i cook the chicken and potatoes.