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I have got a big room.  My room is very cozy and bright.  I have got a table. I do my homework sitting at the table. Near the table there is a chair. Opposite the table there is a sofa. I sleep on the sofa. There is a big window in the room.  I have got a cupboard. I keep my clothes, books and some toys there. There is a special place for my toys in the room - a big box. It is always warm in my room. I like it very much!

  • Nina108
  • почетный грамотей
My family and I live in a 3-room flat in an apartment building of 9 floors. Our flat is on the fifth floor. There is a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and my room. It's pink. I like this colour, it is my favourite colour. There is a small bed, a desk and a chair. There is a TV, a stereo and a computer.There are games and books. My room faces the south and it's very light. The floor is covered with a thick pink carpet. I have a few plants at the window. I use my room as a study and a bedroom. I like my room very much. I like to turn on the lamp, sit on the chair and read the interesting book. I often invite friends to my place and they say that my room is very nice.