Помогите составить диалог на английском языке про архитектуру Питера/Москвы


Ответы и объяснения


X: Hi! Where are you from?
Y: Hello! I`m from SPb, what about you?
X: I`m from London. Your city is amazing! I have heard about it from my friends. Can you tell me about it? I want to become an arcitector, so I`m interest in architecture. 
Y: Of course! There is picturesque sights in our city. It has a great history. A lot of architectors have worked here. There are a lot of buildings in barocco style, classicizm and so on. There are some famous buildings like the Hermitage, Isaakievsky sobor and do on. I invite you to visit our beautiful city!
X: Thank you so much!