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I am lucky to have a wonderful form teacher. Her name is...She is very tactful. She never shouts at us even when we make her angry. She is fair and sometimes strict. She treats us as grown-ups. She trusts and respects us. And so do we. She respects our opinion. We felt that she loved us and this is very important in teacher's work. My form teacher has a great teaching experience. She enters the classroom with a smile and creates friendly atmosphere at her lessons. She is talented. She can play the piano and sing. She is full of ideas. Her lessons are exciting. I am never bored. ее имя is very beautiful. She always looks perfect. She is small fair-haired woman. She wears glasses but they make her pretty.I know some of her former pupils. They visit her and she is happy to see them. I hope that we will never part with our form teacher even after leaving school.She is the best teacher in the world. My best dream is to become a person like my teacher, ее имя