Придумать 4 коротких истории используя эти слова, (слова для каждой истории под номерами) можно очень короткую, помогите пожалуйста!

хотя бы две, если можно
no I do not sorry
Плиззззз, не удаляй!
ненене, не буду)

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1. Once a man named "Dog" participated in the robbery and for this he was imprisoned as a thief in criminal. He was wicked and stupid. Therefore he screamed at the top of his's voice about the idea to escape from prison. The shout heard police ...
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1) Yesterday there was a criminal at the shop.He took all jewellery out of the stalls. Shopkeepers were very scary, they started to scream.The thief  was in the mask but Police could catch him. The wicked thief said:" What a stupid police?"
Policemen took all his "treasure".At the top of the one"s voice I heard: "All is OK!"